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Flame Prince Peach

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A medium-large, firm, yellow-fleshed, freestone peach with late ripening and very good flavor. Recommended by the University of Kentucky. The tree is moderately vigorous and productive with medium susceptibility to bacterial spot. Released from the USDA research station in Byron, Georgia in 1993A nice finish to the peach season with this one. Not for short-season growing regions in zone 5 or above. Early September ripening.


Uses: Fresh eating, cooking, canning, drying.


Resistant to: Moderate resistance to Bacterial Spot


Pollination: Peaches are partially self-fertile but do better with other peaches nearby.


Plant Size: 1-Year 3-4 ft tall Bare-Root Tree


Rootstock: Guardian TM


Our peaches bear fruit in 2 seasons from planting in good conditions.


Zones 6-9 (1-Year 2-3 ft tall tree)


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