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Crimson Joy Peach -NEW!!!


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NEW!!!  ‘Crimson Joy’ peaches are large, firm, with delicious melting yellow flesh.  Freestone.  Showy, pink self-fertile flowers.  Trees showed little bacterial spot symptoms on fruit or leaves throughout the evaluation years, suggesting ‘Crimson Joy’ is highly resistant.  700 chill hours (low chill).

All of our peach trees are FIELD-GROWN for high-quality and have excellent, robust, natural root systems.


Mid Season ripening

Uses: Fresh eating, canning, drying.

Resistant to: Highly resistant to bacterial spot

Pollination: Self-pollinating but better fruit set with most other peaches present.

Harvest: Mid-Season

Plant Size: 1-Year 3-4 ft tall Bare-Root Tree


Our peaches fruit very quickly in only 2 seasons from planting under good conditions.

Zones 6-10

Ode to Joys