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Carolina Gold Peach


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A newer release out of North Carolina, this late-blooming, consistently productive peach produces very high-quality, flavorful fruit! Late blooms miss the late spring frosts that decimate many other peaches.  Has nice golden color, does not brown when cut so good for canning or fruit salads. Delicious, sweet tangy peach flavor. High yields and consistency make this a good home or market peach. Small pit and a lot of sweet peachy flesh.Freestone.  CANNOT SHIP TO CA.  ALL OUR PEACHES ARE CERTIFIED VIRUS-FREE STOCK!

Mid-late Season ripening.

Uses: Fresh eating, canning, drying.

Resistant to: Frost damage/late freezes, browning and bacterial spot.

Pollination: Self-pollinating but better fruit set with most other peaches present.

Plant Size: 1-Year 3-4 ft tall Bare-Root Tree

Rootstock: Guardian TM

Our peaches fruit very quickly in only 2 seasons from planting under good conditions.

Zones 6-9


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