Wabash ® Pawpaw Tree – NATURALLY GROWN



Very rich and sweet, large fruits and good yields make this a truly superior pawpaw tree! Overall excellent quality with a sweet flavor and a medium firm creamy rich texture. Wabash is prized for its abundant crops of large, sweet, high quality fruit, which often weighs over 1/2 lb. Some growers consider this the overall best Peterson pawpaw variety.

Neal Peterson describes Wabash® as follows:

“This was a favorite tree of Dr. Kirk Pomper at Kentucky State University, who insisted I should name my variety after Wabash because the round fruit resembled cannonballs.”

Key Features of the Wabash pawpaw:

  • Very fleshy. Percent seed ~ 6% by weight.
  • Flavor sweet and rich. Texture medium firm, creamy, smooth. Flesh color yellow to light orange.
  • Fruit size typically 8-12 oz. Good productivity.
  • The overall fruit quality and quantity on this variety is excellent.
  • A favorite of those who have tasted it.
  • Dr. Pomper also insisted I release this one.



Resistant to: Pawpaws are generally remarkably disease and insect resistant. See our pawpaw growing article for full information. https://peacefulheritage.com/pawpaw-frequently-asked-questions/

Pollination: An Ultra-Select seedling pawpaw or any other grafted cultivar or seedling pawpaw tree will pollinate it. For good pollination, plant trees 8-15 ft away from each other only. Pawpaws are not male and female, but rather have “male and female” flower parts on each flower. Every tree is capable of bearing fruit if pollinated well with pollen from another genetically different pawpaw tree. Hand pollination results in heaviest fruit set.

Site requirements: Full sun location for best fruit production. Pawpaws will grow in shade but produce much less fruit. Pawpaws tolerate a range of soil types provided the planting location is well drained and there is heavy mulch and plenty of fertilizer and water. Protected locations, such as on the South, East or West side of a building is ideal on very windy sites and is recommended.

Ripens: Mid-Season (Mid-September in KY)

Size at maturity: 15-20′ tall and wide, depending on location, care and pruning to reduce height. We recommend heading them at about 8-10 ft tall and removing suckers, both of which keep the trees very manageable and small.

Hardiness: USDA zones 5-9. (Estimate)

Plant size: Grafted, with an excellent root system. CHOOSE SIZE

Shipped March-June only. Sorry, we cannot ship POTTED pawpaws (June-July) to : CA, TX, AZ, NM, NV, OR, WA. We can ship them to these states bare-root when ordered in January-February (if available).

No synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals are ever used on our pawpaw trees.

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SMALL 8-12 inch, MEDIUM 1-2', LARGE 2-3', SUPREME GRADE 3'+