Are you a pawpaw fanatic who wants early bird VIP access to our premium quality grafted pawpaw trees?  Have you tried for years to get our pawpaw trees but the timing has not worked out?  If you answered ‘yes’ then the Pawpaw VIP List is definitely for you!  The purchase of this product will put you on our Pawpaw VIP email list for 2 years (the year of purchase and the following year), which will grant you the following privileges:

1) You will be emailed a list of what pawpaw trees we have available 6-10 days before sales open officially online.

2) You will be able, via email, to place an order for pawpaw trees 6-10 days before sales open officially online.

3) Purchase of the Pawpaw VIP list after June 20th will not provide much advantage as the majority of Pawpaw sales will have already happened for that year.  But, you will be on the list for the following year also. And, if a large amount of pawpaw stock happens to become available later in the summer of purchase you will receive first notice of that as well.

4) Pawpaw Trees are still in very limited quantities!  Not every cultivar/variety is available every season.  And, sales still happen on a 1st come, 1st served basis.  So, they can sell out BEFORE you place an order if you wait or before you act, EVEN if you are on the VIP List!  This is not a golden ticket, just an early bird access to our very limited pawpaw stock. It is not a Guarantee you will get pawpaw trees, it just substantially increases your access to what we have available.

Please note, order limits will STILL apply per pawpaw tree variety.  For example, if you are on our VIP list you still must abide by any limits per variety (usually 2 or 3).  You WILL NOT be able to order unlimited amounts of trees, or receive any special price discount.  Full price applies on all orders.  The VIP list simply grants you access to viewing and ordering our pawpaw stock before it goes online.

This is essentially a ‘digital product’ and puts you on our VIP list.  It is not a physical good and is NOT refundable and cannot be exchanged for store credit.  All sales are final.  Also, you cannot share this product with others.  Only the person who purchases this product and is on our VIP list can place an early bird order.  Any person who’s name is not on the VIP list and attempts to place an early bird order will have their order cancelled and refunded.  Anyone not on the VIP list is free to place an order when sales open online (typically late June every year).

If you have questions about the Pawpaw VIP List, please email us :  [email protected]