KY Legend ‘Titan’ Pawpaw Tree – NEW! Naturally Grown




This new variety from Mr. Walker boasts huge delicious pineapple-flavored fruits that ripen for a long season. The following are Mr. Walker’s notes on this variety:

Kentucky Legend “Titan” is a mid-to-late season ripening pawpaw tree.  Seeds are scalloped and feathery with no sack and they appear to be sterile. The seed ratio is 3.5% by weight. The variety produces fruits averaging around 360 grams that appear to be like a Lehman variety.  The largest fruits are 700-800 grams.  In 2023, several fruit samplers likened the flavor to pineapple.  The texture is firm. Fruits can be picked several days before ripe and continue to  ripen up – unlike most other pawpaw fruits.  The fruits keep well without refrigeration, and they clean easily –  to yield a lot of pulp in a short time.   Most of the fruits will ripen in Sparta, NC at 3,000 ft elevation with limited heat units.  The late fruit can be picked before the first freeze and allowed to finish ripening indoors. Exhibits gigantism in the leaves and fruits like a polyploid.

Pollination and Fruit Bearing

The Kentucky Legend “Titan” tree blooms early and it bears fruit at about the same time as ‘NC-1’ with a long fruit-bearing window with some fruits early in the season and some late in the season.  The tree pollinates easily for a heavy crop-load of 40 lbs or more in a year. The limb-angles are excellent but they can require additional support especially when the huge fruits are in clusters weighing several pounds.  Heavy rain can cause some of the fruits to split with losses up to 20%.   Sun-scalding occurs on some fruits. 


The origin of the Kentucky Legend “Titan” variety has been traced back to a batch of experimental seeds that were presented to Cliff England in Sandgap, KY, by Jerry Lehman around 2010.  The seeds were a cross of Jerry’s Big Girl and Jerry’s Delight, and these varieties have won awards at the Ohio Pawpaw Festival for large sized fruits and good flavor.  

Peaceful Heritage Nursery Exclusive!


Pollination: An Ultra-Select seedling pawpaw or any other grafted cultivar or seedling pawpaw tree will pollinate it. For good pollination, plant trees 8-15 ft away from each other only. Pawpaws are not male and female, but rather have “male and female” flower parts on each flower. Every tree is capable of bearing fruit if pollinated well with pollen from another genetically different pawpaw tree. Hand pollination results in heaviest fruit set.

Resistant to: Still being determined.  Pawpaws are generally remarkably disease and insect resistant. See our pawpaw growing article for full information.

Ripening: Mid Season to late.

Site requirements: Full sun location for best fruit production. Pawpaws will grow in shade but produce much less fruit. Pawpaws tolerate a range of soil types provided the planting location is well drained and there is heavy mulch and plenty of fertilizer and water. Protected locations, such as on the South, East or West side of a building is ideal on very windy sites and is recommended.

Size at maturity: 15-20′ tall and wide, depending on location, care and pruning to reduce height. We recommend heading them at about 8-10 ft tall and removing suckers, both of which keep the trees very manageable and small.

Hardiness: USDA zones 5-9. (Estimate)

Plant size: Grafted, with an excellent root system. CHOOSE SIZE

Shipped March-November only. Sorry, we cannot ship POTTED pawpaws (June-July) to : CA, TX, AZ, NM, NV, OR.  We can ship pawpaws to these states bare-root when ordered in January-February (if available).

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