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COMING in 2021. Thick, luscious, sugar-sweet American persimmon that has got to be the biggest one around.  We’ve never seen an American persimmon this big.  They are at least golf-ball size, some larger.  And not only the size is impressive, the quality is just amazing.  When the drop, they are fully ripe; astringency-free, stringless, soft, melting and so sweet and flavorful with a hint of apricot.  Mature trees just RAIN these huge persimmons down starting around mid-September (sometimes earlier) till mid-November in KY.  Long season.  This has become our favorite American persimmon for size and quality.  Fruits are too soft and delicate to market or ship.  Purely for home use or processing for pulp, jams, breads, brewing, etc.  Low seed count, and seedless if grown without a pollinator.  If you want a truly exceptional American persimmon with huge fruits and great flavor and sweetness, this is it.  Old heirloom variety from southern Indiana.  Very exceptional!  CANNOT SHIP TO AZ, CA.


Uses:  Exceptional fresh eating, jams, wines, breads

Resistant to:  Very disease and insect resistant.  No major issues.

Plant Size:  March-May Bare-Root , June Potted.  CHOOSE SIZE

Rootstock: Grafted to D. Virginiana

Zones 4-10

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SMALL Approximately 1 ' tall, MEDIUM 18"-24", LARGE 2'+, Extra Large 3'+, Supreme 4' + branched


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