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Wild Violet Groundcover CERTIFIED ORGANIC


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Lovely edible flowers, edible leaves and pollinator-friendly! Let this hardy native work for you in your orchard! You may already know this plant (or not) but did you know it makes an astoundingly good edible groundcover in an orchard, keeping out grass, weeds and pesky other species? It grows only to about 4-6 inches, so never needs mown. The surface-level rhizome root growth never competes with fruit trees. It spreads rapidly. Wildlife really like this native plant and it feeds turkeys, bees and other species. The tender young leaves and flowers are both non-bitter and edible, vitamin rich greens that require zero work to grow! We really love all that wild violet has to offer, and the ground cover effect is impressive. It will out-compete about any other lawn plant if given a foothold. We like that. Free of any disease or insect issues.


You’ll receive dormant rhizomes ready to plant. Will grow rapidly once planted, simply plant shallowly (1-2 inches deep) in cultivated ground and keep watered and weeded until it starts to grow. You can plant these right next to your fruit trees and they’ll form a groundcover in 1-2 seasons if established well and maybe weeded a bit. See photo above of it forming a dense groundcover around one of our Mini-Mulberry trees.




USES: Groundcover to keep out grass and weeds, edible leaves and flowers, medicinal.


Plant Size: You will receive 10-12 small pink rhizomes, viable, dormant and ready to plant.


Zones 4-8


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