Olympian Hardy Fig – Naturally Grown



Olympian Hardy is very cold hardy, productive and the fruit quality is very high; figs are quite large and round, tender, very sweet and flavorful. Shows superior cold hardiness and resiliency.  The figs are just lovely, with perfect appearance and nice firm, chewy texture too!  Very marketable quality. Would be well suited to cool summer areas also, where it can still ripen good figs if the season is long enough.

Olympian Hardy was discovered thriving in a suburb of Olympia, Washington. It had been growing there for over 100 years, with no winter protection and yet producing delicious, fully ripened fruit despite cool coastal summer conditions. Unprotected it is cold hardy to about 12 degrees F. With solid winter protection can take substantially colder temperatures and does well in zone 6b-7 with winter protection.  After years of trial we consider it fairly well suited to marginal fig growing area like KY. Ripens in mid-late September-November in KY.  The ‘eye’ is quite large and so this may not be the best choice for the Deep South or other rainy climates.  See our other selections.

An exciting and promising new variety to push the cold-climate fig-growing limits. One of our highest quality and most productive figs we’ve trialed. An excellent addition to any fig collection and a must-have for the cold-hardy fig growing enthusiast. Has thin skin and is just full of sweet amber pulp. In warm climates/weather the figs are green, as it gets colder they turn purplish.

NATURALLY GROWN – no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides, neo-nictinoids, or other pesticides or toxic ag chemicals used at our nursery 

Sorry, we cannot ship POTTED FIGS (May-September) to: CA, TX, AZ, NM, NV, OR.  We can ship DORMANT fig trees to these states bare-root when ordered in October-April (as available). Bare-root shipping to CA, TX, AZ, NM, NV, OR happens in mid-February-April.

Site requirements: Full sun location. Figs will grow in a range of soil types provided the planting location is well drained. Protected locations, such as on the South, East or West side of a building is ideal.

Size at maturity: 8-15′, depending on location, climate and care.

Pollination: This fig requires no pollination in order to set fruit.

Resistant to: Figs are known for remarkable disease and insect resistance. Ants can get interested in figs and heavy rains can make the current ripe figs rot, so keep well-picked. Figs continue to put on new fruit constantly until frost.

Hardiness: USDA zones 6-10. Winter protection in zone 6 recommended.

Plant size: CHOOSE SIZE. Bare-Root shipped February-April. May-October shipped potted in special tree pots.

Zones 7-10


“…Thank you for the fig plants. They looked great, strongly rooted and ready to grow, which they’re doing now.”
-Lee Reich Ph.D- Famous author on growing fruit, renowned fruit grower, and organic gardener


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SMALL approx. 1', MEDIUM 1-2', LARGE 2-3', EXTRA LARGE 3'+