Loke Squash – Edible ‘Improved Bottlegourd’ लौकी Lauki – NEW!!! NATURALLY GROWN


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NEW!!!  If you like zucchinis and summer squash, you will highly value loke (LOW-KEY) squash. This ancient, Vedic Indian vegetable is a real winner and is easy to grow.  It is insect and disease free (unlike zucchini!).  It grows easily, making a robust, climbing vine similar to cucumber.  It produces in about 60-70 days from seed, and continues producing until frost.  It just keeps going!  The tender young squash are delicious and mild used like any other summer squash.  If you have issues with cucumber beetles or stink bugs or squash bugs, these are NOT a problem on this plant!  It’s very resilient and heavy producing.  The fruits are nutritious, tender, and tasty in many dishes.  So easy!  Just plant in a sunny, well prepared, fertile garden bed and give lots of room for it to ramble, or a simple trellis or fence to climb. Prolific production.

Packet – approximately 20 seeds.  FREE SHIPPING!   ID and WA orders require a small shipping fee.