Ichi Ki Kei Jiro Persimmon




This Asian persimmon you eat firm and crunchy like an apple! If you’ve never had a “non-astringent” Asian persimmon such as this, you will really like it! Some people prefer crunchy and firm fruit and this persimmon will deliver. Flavor is persimmon-y but mild and sweet, not intense. These dehydrate exceptionally well into a delicious dried fruit. These fruit are highly sought out. You’ll come to really like this fruit and may even like it better than soft persimmons.

Ichi Ki Kei Jiro is one of the hardiest Asian persimmons, able to grow in zone 6. May sometimes get some winter die back in zone 6, we are still trialing here. Medium-large fruits (about tennis ball size) are firm and crunchy when ripe, and seedless. Early ripening. Great edible landscaping choice because of the gorgeous foliage and small stature. Trees are naturally dwarf size to 8-15ft tall. The orange fruit will hang on the branches after leaf fall for a stunning look. Self fertile. Rated to zone 6 but is still somewhat experimental in KY. Disease-free, easy to grow. Pronounced : EE CHEE KEE KAY JEE ROW. CANNOT SHIP TO AZ, CA.

Uses: Exceptional fresh eating, jams, wines, breads

Resistant to: Very disease and insect resistant. No major issues.

Zones 6-10 (estimate)

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SMALL Approximately 1 ' tall, MEDIUM 18"-24", LARGE 2'+, Extra Large 3'+, Supreme 4' + branched