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Golden Russett Apple – CERTIFIED ORGANIC




The flavorful apples and strong disease resistance of this variety is making it very popular for ORGANIC GROWING. High-quality, delicious flavor! Produces attractive, medium-sized, round, smooth-skinned yellow-gold russeted fruit, ideal for cider and juice. Fruit holds its shape when cooked. Enjoy fresh for it’s refreshing crunchiness, complex sweet-tart flavor, and paper thin skin. Keeps well.  Antique variety, originates from New York, circa 1845. Cold-hardy. Ripens in mid-October.

High sugar and acidity, low tannin, a sharp cider apple. A good keeper, stays sweet, hard, nutty and crunchy throughout the winter. A choice cider apple. Many organic and small growers are rediscovering this disease-resistant, hardy, very nice apple.

 All our apple trees are FIELD-GROWN for high-quality and have excellent, robust, natural root systems.


Uses: Fresh eating, excellent cider apple.

Ripens: Mid-Late season.

Resistant to: Some resistance to Cedar Apple Rust, Apple Scab

Pollination: (Flowering Group 2) Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Pink Lady, Grimes Golden, Granny Smith, King David, Wolf River.

Plant Size: Typically unbranched, 1-YR, Bare-Root Tree. CHOOSE BELOW

Rootstock:  CHOOSE BELOW

Zones 4-8

Additional information

Rootstock and Size

SEMI-DWARF SUPREME SIZE (4' Thick Caliper), SEMI-DWARF M111 (3-4ft) Bare-Root, SEMI-DWARF M111 (2-3ft) Bare-Root, SEMI-DWARF M111 (4-5ft) Bare-root, SEMI-DWARF M111 (1-2ft) Bare-root, DWARF M7 (1-2ft) Bare-root, DWARF M7 (2-3ft) Bare-root, DWARF M7 (3-4ft) Bare-root, DWARF M7 (4-5ft) Bare-root