Georgian Fire Garlic – (seed bulbs) NATURALLY GROWN



Like it hot?  ‘Georgian Fire’ is a gourmet garlic for those that like garlic a little spicier.  It’s pleasant heat is great for salsas and spicy dishes.  This hardneck, porcelain garlic grows especially well in Northern states, with consistent, good yields and size.  The bulbs and cloves can get large.  It also stores very well into late winter/early spring.  This is an all-around excellent garlic and one that packs a little heat. 

Planting Site:  Full sun to mostly full sun in well drained, loose, fairly fertile soil.  Raised beds work great.  Do not plant where it floods or will be in dense shade.  Plant from August-October depending on location.  In KY we plant in September,


1 Pound: About 6-9 bulbs

1/2 Pound: About 3-5 bulbs

Approximately 30-40 cloves per lb. 1 LB Plants 15-20 linear feet at 6” spacing.

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ONE POUND, 1/2 POUND, B-Grade Small Bulbs 1 POUND