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Comfrey Root Cuttings Bocking 14 – Certified Organic


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Comfrey grows rapidly from root cuttings. These are organically grown at our nursery. These are a non-seed producing, non-spreading strain of comfrey (Bocking 14) that will not spread via seeds but stays in bounds as a nice clump. Very easy to grow, simply cut the roots into approximately 2-4 inches long cuttings, put them in the ground 1-2 inches deep around your fruit trees or garden, or you can start them in small plastic pots in potting soil and then transplant later. They take about 2-3 weeks to sprout above ground, sometimes longer. Once started, they grow very rapidly. See our comfrey listing for more information about comfrey.

18 inches of Certified Organic comfrey root cuttings. These are living, viable plant roots to be planted and not plants. Sold for planting purposes only.