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Our favorite fig!  Most cold hardy fig generally available. Excellent quality, medium-large, velvety soft, dark purple figs have very sweet, rich, thick strawberry pink pulp and very thin edible skin. Just delicious! Fast growing and very productive! We’ve been growing Chicago Hardy successfully outdoors in KY since the early 2000s. Discovered in Chicago, Illinois by Fred Borne, growing in an urban location in the 1970s. Very cold hardy. When left unprotected in colder winter areas (zones 5 and 6), this fig will sometimes die back to the ground (in a severe winter) only to sprout back from the roots in spring and be loaded with figs later that summer! Unlike most other figs it does not need 1-Year old or older growth to fruit. This is very rare and useful for people wanting to grow figs in KY, IN, IL, OH, NY, etc. In warmer areas such as MS, GA, LA, (or in colder areas under protection in the winter), it thrives and does exceptionally well, even in the extreme humidity and heat of the Gulf. One Gulf grower told us it’s one of his best figs of all (Carriere, MS).

Chicago Hardy figs are medium-small, prolific, and have excellent, rich, sweet flavor. Leaves are smaller, more squarish and not deeply lobed. This fig is an excellent starter fig or addition to any urban landscape, edible landscaping. permaculture, orchard or fig collection. Disease resistant. Mt. Etna type cold hardy fig. Highly recommended!

Site requirements: Full sun location. Figs will grow in a range of soil types provided the planting location is well drained. Protected locations, such as on the South, East or West side of a building is ideal.

Size at maturity: 8-15′, depending on location, climate and care.

Pollination: This fig requires no pollination in order to set fruit. Fruits are seedless.

Resistant to: Cold winter temps. Also resistant to fungus, rots, and fig rust on leaves. Figs are known for remarkable disease and insect resistance. Ants can get interested in figs and heavy rains can make the current ripe figs rot, so keep well-picked. Figs continue to put on new fruit constantly until frost.

Hardiness: USDA zones 6-10. Winter protection in zone 6 recommended.

Plant size: CHOOSE SIZE


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SMALL approx. 1', MEDIUM 1-2', LARGE 2-3', 3' + Thick Caliper, SUPREME GRADE FIELD GROWN 4', thick caliper, branched