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Rosemary “Barbeque” – NEW! CERTIFIED ORGANIC


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Looking for a cold-hardy perennial rosemary for the garden?  Here it is!  This cultivar of rosemary is cold hardy down to zone 7 (0 F).  The stiff, straight stems are perfect for skewing veggies and tofu and infusing them with rosemary goodness over a barbeque, hence the name.  Very neat!  Full rosemary flavor and also medicinal benefits. Probably won’t survive KY winters outside.  Better further south or mild winter areas with zone 7-9 conditions.  Or, grow in a container and bring inside during winter!

Uses:  Edible landscaping, herbal medicines, cooking 

Resistant to:  Pretty much problem-free. very low-care plant.  Water until established.

Site Requirements:  Full sun, protected location (near garden, home, etc) preferred.  Well-draining soil.

Plant Size:  8-12″ tall plant in 2-IN PLUG

USDA Hardiness: Zone 7-10