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Imperial White Currant – NEW!!! 2 Plant Bundle


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Lovely pearly white berries!  Produces clusters of white, translucent fruit with a sweet pink blush. This is considered to have the richest flavor of all currants and is about the same in size as red currants. Plants reach about 4′ tall and the fruit ripens around early July.

Currants do best in areas without extremely hot summers.  If planting in a very hot summer climate, plant where it can get partial shade, such as a western or eastern side of the house or near a small tree. 

Uses:  Fresh eating, jams, jellies, desserts.

Recommended for ORGANIC GROWING

Pollination: Self-Pollinating

Resistant to: Winter cold, mildew

Plant Size: 1-Year 1-2′ Bare-Root Plant with excellent root system.

Zones 3-6


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