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White Pine


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White Pine (Pinus strobus) is a lovely native tree especially good for windbreak, privacy and wildlife.  Fast growing, grows about 1-2′ per year the first few years, then 3-4′ per year soon after.  Soft, beautiful needles are never sharp or prickly.   They grow strong, stout and tall.  Underneath a large white pine is the perfect place for a warm spring day nap or picnic.  They are low-maintenance, but do not handle long extended droughts until well-established.  Give some water the first summer or two and plenty of mulch and organic fertilizer.  Pollen is edible and very tasty.  They are a pioneer species and live about 50-75 years.

 Uses: Windbreak, wildlife (birds), edible pollen, reforestation.

Zones 4-8  

Trees are bare-root 1-2′ tall.


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