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Sycamore Tree (Platanus occidentalis)


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Gorgeous giants!  These conspicuous trees often stick out in the landscape with their shining white bark and towering massive structure.  They like to grow near water and streams in deep humusy soil.  Very hardy and resilient.  Will attain massive proportions after many decades.  An excellent early season POLLEN SOURCE for bees!  Easy to grow.  Plant a future giant!  

Uses: Excellent shade tree, bee-tree (pollen), reforestation, landscaping, timber, firewood.

Site Selection: Sunny, well-drained site.  Likes acidic soil, can handle wetter sites.  Plant where they can get huge and not too close to houses, septic systems or power lines.
Tree Size: 18″-36″ 1 YR Bare-Root Tree.
Zones 4-9


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