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Sourwood Tree


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Honeybee heaven!  Nectar-rich blossoms are a huge draw for honeybees and are known to make excellent honey.  Truly a tree for all seasons, sourwood is one of the South’s most beautiful native trees and is ideal as a small specimen tree. It has lovely white flowers that open in mid-summer, excellent brilliant fall color, and hanging racemes of fruit capsules in the winter. Sourwood offers some of the best fall color among trees in the South, and has the best red of any of our natives. Fall color ranges from red to purple to yellow, and all three colors are often on the same tree.  Likes acidic, well-drained soil.  Not a good tree for urban plantings due to sensitivity to compacted soil and deicing salt. Needs careful transplanting.  Disease and insect free.  Species name is Oxydendrum arboreum

Uses:  Reforestation, honeybee tree, ornamental.

Tree Size: 1-2 ‘ tall bare-root tree.

Zones 5-8 (estimate)


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