Silver Maple Tree – BUNDLES


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Extremely fast growing native tree perfect for reforestation, privacy, windbreaks around orchards, shade, wildlife, and honey bee forage.  Provides very early season rich pollen for honeybees.  Sucks up carbon like a sponge!  Much appreciated by owls, woodpeckers, squirrels and other wildlife.  These trees grow very fast and within 5-6 years will be taller than your house, and towering tall in 15 years.  A wonderful species for rapidly covering and healing damaged areas, reforesting, urban landscaping, etc.  Not to be planted near septic systems due to extensive roots.  Also good for shittake growing and firewood.  Can be tapped for maple syrup also.  

Tree Size- 1-2 ft tall whips. Choose Bundle Size.

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2 Tree Bundle, 10 Tree Bundle, 25 Tree Bundle