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Ninebark Bush


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An interesting native shrub that is perfect for supporting wildlife, native pollinators and stabilizing soil on slopes.  Has lovely dome-shaped clusters of white flowers in spring that attract droves of native bees and pollinators.  Not bothered much by deer.  Has beautiful bark of several colors, hence the name.  A very nice reforestation and wildlife shrub, easy to grow.  Grows 6-12 ft tall and wide.  Species name is Physocarpus opulifolius.

Uses:  Wildlife and native pollinators, reforestation, securing damaged sites, erosion control, birds.

Site Selection:  Sunny, well-drained site.  These are great for reforestation and preventing erosion.

Plant Size: 1-2′ tall bare-root shrub.

Zones: 5-8 (estimate)


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