Native Persimmon – Bundles



NEW!!! Native persimmon trees in bundles of 2 and bundles of 10 (Diospyros virginiana). Our native American persimmon is an excellent wildlife and reforestation tree. These are UNSEXED seedlings, meaning some will be fruit producers and some will be non-fruiting male trees, roughly 50%. Fruit quality will be variable. These are best suited towards wildlife, reforestation, landscaping and native plantings. Honeybees like the lovely white little flowers. Fruit is edible and often very tasty. These can also be used for future high quality lumber or as rootstock for grafting named cultivars of persimmon. Excellent fall color to red. Bundles of ten (10) trees.

Uses: Wildlife, edible fruit, lumber, reforestation, good honeybee forage.

Resistant to: Very disease and insect resistant. No major issues.

Plant Size: Feb-May Bare-Root

Seedling Trees from KY grown persimmon seed. 1 Year, bare-root, approximately 18″ tall trees.


Zones 5-10 (Estimate)

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Bundles Size

Bundle of 2, Bundle of 10