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Kentucky Coffeetree (Gymnocladus dioicus)


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A beautiful, fast-growing, graceful, native species that is perfect for reforestation, landscaping and wildlife.  Makes large, lacy foliage and turns a lovely yellow in fall.  Related to Black locust, and is also a legume, nitrogen fixing tree.  The tree produces these large, leathery pods with large, nickel-sized hard brown seeds.  When roasted, these have been used to produce a tasty coffee-flavored drink.  We sell these for planting purposes only and not for edible uses.  Should be more widely planted! 

Uses:  Reforestation, landscaping, wildlife, ornamental, honeybee food source.

Site Selection:  Sunny, well-drained site with deep soil. 

Tree Size: Trees are bare-root and about 1-2′ tall.

Zones 5-8 


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