Taylor #1 Mulberry – NEW!!! – Naturally Grown


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Huge berries.  Excellent cold-hardy mulberry adapted to the Mid-Atlantic. Produces loads of medium-large black berries with good flavor and firm, chewy texture.  Produces ripe mulberries earlier than other varieties by a week or two.  Handles cold winters and fluctuating weather well. A nice variety introduced by Cliff England. Morus alba.  See video.

NATURALLY GROWN – no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides, neo-nictinoids, or other pesticides or toxic ag chemicals used at our nursery 

Resistant to: Mulberries are remarkably resistant to diseases and insects in general.

Pollination: Mulberries need no pollination to set fruit.

Plant Size: CHOOSE SIZE. Bare-Root March-May, sold potted in June in special tree pots.

Zones 5-10 (estimate)


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SMALL (8"-1ft), MEDIUM (1-2ft), LARGE (2-4')