Illinois Everbearing Mulberry – Naturally Grown


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Our most popular mulberry.  Plump, large, dark purple berries with superior, perfect mulberry flavor and heavy, very long-season production. Far superior to most wild mulberries. Many consider this the very best mulberry variety. After years of trial, we have found it is definitely one of the very best performers for reliability, health, resilience, and vigor, cold hardiness, heavy production and outstanding fruit quality and flavor, and this report rings true across the USA.

Berry production stretches (in KY) from early June till August (WOW!), with most berries ripening in June-July. Has a very pleasing, strongly sweet concord grape/raspberry flavor with a nice tang. Berries are impressive size at .5 – 2″ long. Can be kept at shrub size with yearly pruning and heading, for easier harvest.

An excellent fruit tree for new gardeners, children, landscaping, processing needs (pies, jams, wines) and those looking for easy-to-grow plants and satisfying fruit growing.  Some grow these around chicken coops for a natural, high-protein chicken feed. Don’t overlook this one, it truly is a time-tested winner and very easy to grow fruit tree. Heirloom.

NATURALLY GROWN – no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides, neo-nictinoids, or other pesticides or toxic ag chemicals used at our nursery 

Mulberries grow very fast under good conditions and even the small size should be bearing fruit within a few seasons. Our mulberries are all high quality, cuttings-propagated.

Site Selection: Sunny, well drained site on the most fertile soil you have. The better the soil quality, the sweeter and larger the berries will be.

Uses: Excellent berries, wildlife, reforestation. Excellent fresh eating, also useful for cooking, jams, wines.

Resistant to: Mulberries are generally free from disease and most insects.

Pollination: Mulberries need no pollination to set fruit.

Plant Size: CHOOSE SIZE. Shipped Bare-Root February-April, Shipped in tree pots May-October.

Zones 5-8 (estimated)

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