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Illinois Everbearing Mulberry – CERTIFIED ORGANIC




Many consider this the very best mulberry variety.  We have found it is definitely one of the very best!  Long, dark purple berries with superior, perfect flavor and heavy, very long-season production. Berry production stretches (in KY) from early June till August (WOW!), with most berries ripening in June-July. Has a very pleasing, strongly sweet grapey flavor with a nice tang that makes them more palatable and much tastier than most wild mulberries.  Berries are impressive size at 1-2″ long.  Can be kept at shrub size with yearly pruning and heading, for easier harvest (this is what we do).  Excellent fruit tree for new gardeners, children, landscaping, processing needs (pies, jams, wines), and those looking for easy-to-grow plants and satisfying fruit growing.  Did we mention they’re also totally delicious?  Highest quality berry and one of the very best mulberry varieties.  Don’t overlook this one, it truly is a champion.


Uses:  Excellent berries, wildlife, reforestation.  Excellent fresh eating, also useful for cooking, jams, wines.

Resistant to:  Mulberries are generally free from disease and most insects.

Pollination:  Mulberries need no pollination to set fruit.

Rootstock: Grafted onto native Red Mulberry (Morus rubra).

Plant Size:  Bare-Root March-May, sold potted in tree tube in June.  CHOOSE SIZE

Zones 5-8 (estimated)

Additional information

Plant Size

Small 1-2', MEDIUM 2-3', LARGE 3-4'+, SUPREME 4'+ Thick Caliper


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