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Honeydrops Mulberry – CERTIFIED ORGANIC




Delicious, sweet pink-white mulberries drip from this natural semi-dwarf mulberry!  A superior mulberry all-around for it’s sweet, non-staining lavender-pink fruit and it’s manageable and convenient naturally semi-dwarf growth habit. Attains about 12-15 FT tall and wide for easy harvesting and management. Berries are better and more flavorful than other white mulberries, that are often bland in flavor. Honeydrops produces medium-sized, non-staining, sweet fruit that is edible when white, yet ripens to a lovely lavender-pink. When they ripen fully and color they are extra-sweet and nutty. Harvest when berries turn translucent and begin to drop.  The berries dehydrate well and can be used in granola or other preparations and do not stain.

Medium-yielding tree. Perfect children’s fruit tree: easy to grow, stays small, non-staining, sweet and nutritious! Low-care fruit tree. Selected by Peaceful Heritage Nursery from the mother tree found growing in the Highlands of Louisville, KY.  Peaceful Heritage Nursery Exclusive!

Uses:  Excels as a dehydrated berry.  Delicious fresh eating.

Pollination:  Mulberries need no pollination to set fruit.

Rootstock: Grafted onto native Red Mulberry (Morus rubra).

 Plant Size:  Bare-Root March-May, sold potted in tree tube in June, 1-3 FT tall tree in Certified Organic potting mix.

Zones 5-8 (estimated)

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SMALL 1-2', MEDIUM 2-3', LARGE 3-4'+, SUPREME 4'+ Thick Caliper


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