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Triumph Muscadine Grape


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The Triumph muscadine is a self-fertile, bronze variety that produces medium size fruit with verygood quality and production. This cultivar is cold hardy and very disease resistant. The Triumph muscadine fruit is dry scar (good for marketing). ripens early to mid-season. 18% sugar, extremely sweet!. Production and vigor are good. Fruit can develop a slight reddish color when fully ripe, pulp is firm, almost crunchy. Triumph is one of the top 5 fresh cultivars for fresh eating.


USES: Excellent fresh eating, juice, wine, jelly

RESISTANT TO: Cold hardy to zone 7, resistant to mildew, black rot and other grape diseases.

POLLINATION: Self-Fertile.

ROOT STOCK: Non-Grafted, cuttings propagated.

PLANT SIZE: 3-4′ tall 1 YR vine with excellent root system.

USDA zones 7-10


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