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Reliance Seedless Grape


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Wonderful perfumed, rose-like flavor and strong sweetness with good soft texture and attractive pinkish-purple color. We have been growing Reliance grapes in KY for about 15 years and consider it as a variety highly worth growing.   Disease-resistance is good and will produce good crops even under no or low-spray programs when managed well.  No management = little to no fruit.  The rainy summer of 2014 still produced good grapes with little loss. Early ripening; early-mid July in KY.  Reliable and quality seedless grape.  Cold hardy and does well in the North.  CANNOT SHIP TO CA.

Recommended for Organic Growing

Uses: Excellent fresh eating, juicing.

Pollination:  Grapes do not need pollination in order to set full crops.

Resistant to: Fruit rots and black rot. 

Plant Size: 1 YR, 2-3′ bare-root vines

Zones 5-8  


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