Captivator Gooseberry


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Hardy and resilient variety with excellent fruit in abundance.  American and European cross with great plant features. Vigorous canes, nearly thorn-free and disease resistant. The dessert quality red fruit is tear-drop shaped with a sweet, mild taste. Pick when ripe to avoid fruit drop. Good resistance to powdery mildew.  We’ve been growing it for years with zero issues and lots of reliable production of berries.  As with all gooseberries and currants, see the site requirements below.  

Cold-hardy. Ripens in June or July. Self-pollinating.  CANNOT SHIP TO CA, OR

Recommended for ORGANIC GROWING

Uses: Fresh eating, juice, excellent jams, wine.

Disease Resistance: Generally easy to grow and with few problems.  Rust resistant.  Mildew on the leaves can be an issue if airflow is poor, but this variety is resistant.

Pollination:  Self-pollinating

Site Requirements: Well-drained, rich soil.  Full sun in northern locations, partial shade or 1/2 day full sun in southern locations.  Not for intensely hot summer areas or Deep South growing.  Does well in Midwest, PNW, and Northern areas.

Plant Size:  POTTED, 1-2′ tall in 9 inch tree pot.