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Black Velvet Gooseberry – NEW!!!


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Extra sweet blueberry like flavor!  This variety was selected because of its commercial potential as a high quality dessert fruit. Produces medium, dark purple, sweet, high quality fruit with a superb, almost blueberry-like flavor. Black Velvet has received high compliments for having great disease resistance as well as mildew resistance.
Grows in zones 4-7 has super vigor and is self-poliinating.  It is a cross of gooseberry and Worcesterberry.

Gooseberries do best in areas without extremely hot summers.  If planting in a very hot summer climate, plant where it can get partial shade, such as a western or eastern side of the house or near a small tree that provides shade.  CANNOT SHIP TO MA, ME, NC.

Uses:  Fresh eating, jams, jellies, desserts.

Recommended for ORGANIC GROWING

Pollination: Self-Pollinating

Resistant to: Winter cold, mildew, disease

Plant Size: 1-Year 1-2′ Bare-Root Plant with excellent root system.

Zones 2-8