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Redskin Peach

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Large, freestone peach with excellent flavor. Firm, yellow, non-browning flesh. Exceptionally high quality for any purpose- fresh eating, cooking, canning, freezing or commercial growing. Vigorous and fast growing, needs careful training and pruning. Long blossom period avoids crop loss during spring frosts. Heavy production and shows good resistance to bacterial spot. Dependable and hardy. Excellent organic choice.




Mid-Season ripening.


Uses: Fresh eating, canning, drying.


Resistant to: Bacterial spot, brown rot, frost damage.


Pollination: Self-pollinating but better fruit set with most other peaches present.


Harvest: Mid-Season, Early-Mid July in Zone 6


Plant Size: 1-Year 3-4 ft tall Bare-Root Tree


Rootstock: Halford


Our peaches fruit quickly in only 2 seasons from planting under good conditions.


Zones 5-9


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