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Ultra-Select Pawpaw 2-Year Tree – CERTIFIED ORGANIC




Only the very best of the best pawpaw genetics go into our Ultra-Select line of pawpaw trees. Our seed source is a local grafted pawpaw orchard of cultivated and named fruits of the finest eating quality and massive size. Many of these are derived from Susquehanna and Sunflower parentage and other premium cultivars. 

Excellent pawpaws generally produce excellent offspring. These trees contain absolutely some of the best pawpaw genetics available in the world today.  See the photo to the left of our Ultra-Select fruit (top) versus a typical wild pawpaw (below). Notice the dramatic difference in fruit flesh versus seed matter per fruit, as well as the huge difference in size as well as appetizing appearance. Flavor difference is much superior in our Ultra-Select line versus typical wild fruits. There really is no comparison! Plant a future champion today!


Comes with a Blue-X Tree Tube

Resistant to: Pawpaws are generally remarkably resistant to disease and insects. See our pawpaw growing guide for full information.  Deer Resistant. Japanese Beetle Resistant.

Pollination:  Any other Ultra-Select seedling, or any other seedling or any grafted tree will pollinate this tree.

Plant Size: 2-Year 10-18″ Potted Tree.  Pot sizes vary but are typically 3″ x 5″

Zone estimate is 5-8  

Additional information

Plant Size

REGULAR 10-18", SMALL 8-10"


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