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Panache Tiger Stripe Fig – NEW!!!


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Prized as one of the most flavorful varieties in the marketplace, Panache “Tiger Stripe” is a unique fruit, not only because of its natural tiger-like variegated stripes but also for its delicious superior flavor.
The strawberry-raspberry flavor on the inside of the fuchsia flesh and the green and yellow striped skin on the outside makes the Tiger Fig unlike any other variety; they are harvested late because they take most of the summer to develop high sugar content. Once fully ripe, the fruit has a rich, jam-like texture and consistency that is outstanding. Tiger Figs are great for drying, making into preserves, or just eating out of hand.  This fig is ONLY for warmer climates and is not very cold hardy (unless you overwinter in containers you bring inside).  Does great in the Southwest.  A superior variety all around.

Uses:  Makes an excellent dried fig.  Also top-notch fresh eating, good for jams and cooking also.

Resistant to:  Figs are remarkably free of disease and insects.

Site Selection: Well-drained soil.  Needs a warm, sunny, protected location like a south side of building, or in warmr zones like 8-9 a full sun location.

Pollination:  This fig requires no pollination in order to set fruit.

Plant size: 1-2′ tall bare-root plant with excellent large root system.

Zones 8-9

OUR NURSERY IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN 100% FIG BUD MITE FREE.  This product is conventionally grown.