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Ranch Elderberry – CERTIFIED ORGANIC




STRONGLY ANTIVIRAL MEDICINAL BERRIES.   Compact, dwarf elderberry with large fruit harvests!  This cultivar is the best choice for growing in extreme climates. The plants are short and easily harvested. The stems are strong and shorter in stature than other cultivars, growing to five to six feet tall. Clusters of fruits can be found in the middle of the stems to the top. The plants grow in most soil types and are the most tolerant to non-fertile soils and also moist soils.

It gets only 5ft tall, so berries are easier to reach for harvesting.  Elderberry shrubs prefer full sun, with higher yields in more sun.  It’s best to irrigate them in summer if they are not planted within sight of a creek or pond.


Site Requirements: Full sun location for best flower and berry production. Elderberries will grow in a range of soil types. Elderberries are unique in that they will thrive in moist and even poorly-drained locations.  Likes a well drained or a slightly moist site, but will grow on drier sites as well. Important to control weeds when establishing.

Pollination:  Bob Gordon and/ or Wyldewood

Plant Size: CHOOSE SIZE.  Medium size are generally 12-16″ tall in 3.5″ pots.

Zone: 3-8

No synthetic chemicals or sprays used in our greenhouses.


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SMALL 6-12", MEDIUM 1-2', LARGE 2' +, SUPREME 3' +