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Bob Gordon Elderberry – CERTIFIED ORGANIC




STRONGLY ANTIVIRAL MEDICINAL BERRIES. Huge berries!  A recent new elderberry release has very large yields of high-quality fruits. There is a BIG difference in the quality and size of berries on Bob Gordon versus wild elderberries – See photo taken on our farm in summer 2019.  Discovered in the wild in Missouri by (you guessed it) Bob Gordon. Ripens in Mid-July in Kentucky and Missouri. Recommended for commercial market growing and other high-yield plantings.  Bob Gordon ripens it’s berries evenly, meaning the entire cymes (fruit clusters) can be harvested at once.  Also, interestingly, this elderberry hangs it’s ripe berry clusters downward facing the Earth, making them harder for birds to prey upon the ripe berries.  Very nice!  Bob Gordon is very hardy, resilient, high yielding and a very desirable variety tested extensively and released by the University of Missouri and considered by them one of the best elderberry cultivars available.

Pollination:  Any other elderberry cultivar or seedling will pollinate this elderberry.

Site requirements: Full sun location for best flower and berry production. Elderberries will grow in a range of soil types. Elderberries are unique in that they will thrive in moist and even poorly-drained locations.  Likes a well drained or a slightly moist site, but will grow on drier sites as well. Important to control weeds when establishing.

Size at maturity: 8-10′ tall and wide.

Resistant to: Very insect and disease resistant in general. Deer resistant.

Hardiness: USDA zones 4-10.

Plant Size: CHOOSE SIZE (bare-rooted December-March)  BARE ROOT SHIPS NOVEMBER 2020

No synthetic chemicals or products used in our greenhouses

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