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Norris Che Fruit (Melon Tree, Mandarin Melon Berry) CERTIFIED ORGANIC




Easy to grow, disease and insect-free shrub with tasty autumn berries!  Che fruit is an interesting and very productive Asian fruit tree related to Mulberry and Fig.  The bright orange-red berries have a pleasant melon-fig flavor, chewy texture and ripen in October.  If no MALE che tree is present the fruit will be SEEDLESS.  Large fruited selection with high quality berries, discovered by Cliff England in Tennessee.

Disease-free, insect-free easy to grow bush.  Grafted on native Osage Orange to dwarf the Che fruit into a manageable bush form.  Pick the fruit when dark red and starting to soften, usually in October.  This is a superior variety and better fruiting plant.  Has good cold hardiness.  Due to late ripening it is not recommended to plant Che is short summer areas up North.


Uses: Fresh eating, jams, cooking, wine.

Resistant to: Insects and most diseases.

Pollination: Self-Pollinating

Plant Size:  Bare-Root March-May, sold potted in tree tube in June, 1-3 FT tall tree in Certified Organic potting mix.

Zones 5-8 (estimated)

No synthetic chemicals or sprays used in our greenhouses.

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SMALL approx. 1', MEDIUM 18"-2', LARGE 2'+