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California Che (Melon Tree, Mandarin Melon Berry) CERTIFIED ORGANIC




Easy to grow, disease and insect-free shrub with tasty autumn berries!  Che fruit is an interesting and very productive Asian fruit tree related to Mulberry and Fig.  The bright orange-red berries have a pleasant melon-fig flavor, chewy texture and ripen in October.  If no MALE che (non-fruiting) tree is present the fruit will be SEEDLESS.  Large fruited selection with high quality berries.
Disease-free, insect-free easy to grow bush.  Grafted on native Osage Orange to dwarf the Che fruit into a manageable bush form.  Pick the fruit when dark red and starting to soften, usually in October.  This is a superior variety and better fruiting plant.  Has good cold hardiness.  Due to late ripening it is not recommended to plant Che is short summer areas up North.


Uses: Fresh eating, jams, cooking, wine.

Resistant to: Insects and most diseases.

Pollination: Self-Pollinating

Plant Size:  Bare-Root March-May, sold potted in tree tube in June, 1-3 FT tall tree in Certified Organic potting mix.

Zones 5-8 (estimated)

No synthetic chemicals or sprays used in our greenhouses.

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SMALL approx. 1', MEDIUM 18"-2', LARGE 3'+


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