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Rosa Rugosa – Rose Hips Plant – CERTIFIED ORGANIC


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Want to grow your own edible, vitamin-rich, rosehips?  Rosa Rugosa is what you need!  The “hippie rose” may not have the bell bottoms but she’s got the hips!  If you’ve ever wanted a sweet, fragrant rose but failed due to disease pressure and fungus, this resistant rose is for you.  The wonderfully fragrant white roses bloom all summer long into October-November.  Soon the flowers give way to orange-red fruits (rosehips) about nickel-size.  These can be cooked into jams, dehydrated into tea blends, or nibbled on fresh when very ripe.  They have extreme levels of vitamin-C.  Easy to grow and establishes very rapidly.  You’ll be amazed how easy it grows.  Disease-free.  

Uses: Vitamin-C rich fruits for tea or jams, lovely blooms for pollinators, wildlife shelter, erosion prevention.  Makes a nice cover too for privacy.

Resistant to: most rose diseases.  Watch out for Japanese beetles in mid-summer.  

Plant Size: 1-2′ tall bare-root shrub.  Establish very rapidly.

Zones 5-8  


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