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Sweetheart Blueberry – NEW!!!


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Two delicious crops per season!  Sweetheart is technically a Northern Highbush, but it thrives from north to south, needing no pollinator to set up to 15 pounds of berries a year. The first crop is in late spring or early summer. The second is at summer’s end. Very good yields, with plump, firm, delicious berries with a very sweet bite.

And you don’t need to do anything special to get Sweetheart to work its re-fruiting magic. It’s just as easy to grow as any other Blueberry, thriving in full sun in cool northern climates, afternoon or partial shade farther south and west. If you have other Blueberry varieties growing in the garden, no problem — Sweetheart will actually probably set even more berries if planted near other varieties. It is quite cold-hardy, thriving with 750 to 800 chill hours.  This makes it one of them ore adaptable and productive varieties available, with excellent fruit quality as well!  CANNOT SHIP TO CA, WA, OR.


Pollination: Chandler, Bluecrop, Duke, Patriot, Bluejay

Plant Size: 2-Year 14-18″ Bare-Root Plant with excellent root system grown in Advance root pots.

Zones 5-8