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‘Sweetie Pie’ is an extremely sweet thornless blackberry – 10-12% sugar! Excellent, outstanding flavor in a juicy, medium-sized berry makes ‘Sweetie Pie’ a winner for home gardens and U-Picks alike. Tested since 1996 in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana, ‘Sweetie Pie’ has proven resistance to Rosette (Double Blossom) fungal disease. Vigorous grower of many floricanes with a trailing growth habit. Ripens in mid-June to late July.

Recommended for ORGANIC GROWING

Uses: Excellent fresh eating, cobblers, pies, smoothies, jams, excellent wine.

Ripens: Mid Season (Around mid July in KY).

Site Requirements: Blackberries grow best in full sun.  Well-draining, rich soil is a must.  Avoid wet areas.  Primocane blackberries do not handle intense late summer heat well.

Pollination: Self-pollinating but better yields with other blackberry varieties present.

Resistant to: Strongly disease resistant to Rosette (Double Blossom).

Crops in one year from planting!

Plant Size: 1 Year, 12-18″ tall plant with excellent root systems.

Zones 5b-9b