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Loch Ness Thornless Blackberry – Bundles


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An excellent, new, late ripening thornless blackberry. Produces large yields of firm, medium-sized berries bursting with an intensely sweet-tart flavor perfect for fresh eating and processing. Very flavorful! Hardy and resilient, performs well under adverse conditions. Very disease and insect resistant. Does well in the Southeast/Mid-Atlantic. Compact semi-erect vines are easy to manage and keep under control. All-around superior qualities. We’ve been testing it for over 5 years now and find it worthy to add to the list of superior blackberries. Would make a nice garden blackberry variety as it’s vines are more compact and it’s thornless. All our blackberries are FIELD-GROWN which produces very large, healthy root systems for healthy and rapid establishment and growth.

Recommended for ORGANIC GROWING

Uses: Excellent fresh eating, cobblers, pies, smoothies, jams, excellent wine.

Ripens: Mid-Late season (around Late July-early August in KY).

Pollination: Self-Pollinating but better yields with blackberry varieties present.

Resistant to: Botrytis fruit rot, orange rust and handles anthracnose very well. Ripens before SWD pressure becomes very heavy.

Crops in one year from planting!

Plant Size: 1 Year, 3-6″ PLUG. CHOOSE BUNDLE SIZE

Zones 5-8.

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