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Hull Thornless Blackberry 2-Plant BUNDLE


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Very sweet, high yielding and winter hardy thornless blackberry with semi-erect canes. Extra-sweet and high-quality, delicious berries. Mid-late season ripening, with a long window of ripening, perfect for extending the blackberry season considerably. Some sources say 1/2 bushel yield per vine, which is incredibly productive. Berries are firm and handle heat better than most and resist leaking. Handles more winter cold without getting damaged, unlike more tender cultivars of thronless blackberry. Considered to be the sweetest thornless variety and one of the most productive blackberries. Semi-erect canes are easier to manage and need some support. Recommended by the University of Kentucky. Released by the USDA in 1981 in Beltsville, MA.

Recommended for ORGANIC GROWING 

Uses: Delicious fresh eating, desserts, wines, jams, juicing.

Resistant to: Winter cold and shows general vitality and disease resistance.

Ripening:  Ripens in KY around mid-late July into August.

Pollination:  Self-pollinating but does better with another blackberry cultivar present.

Plant Size: 1-2′ tall bare-root vines.

Zones 6-10


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