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Blackberry ALL-SEASON 10 – PLANT BUNDLE – NEW!!!


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Want blackberries for as long as possible?  We’re making that easier by BUNDLING together 2 plants of a number of varieties that ripen at different times.  These are the exact same size and quality plants as sold individually, here bundled for convenience and price reduction.  Buy in bulk and save!  All our blackberries are FIELD-GROWN which produces very large, healthy root systems for healthy and rapid establishment and growth.

Blackberry ALL-SEASON BUNDLE contains the following 10 PLANTS:

2 Arapaho Blackberry Plants  – EARLY SEASON

2 Ouachita Arapaho Blackberry PlantsMID SEASON

2 Triple Crown Blackberry Plants – MID SEASON

2 Von Blackberry Plants – LATE SEASON

2 Loch Ness Blackberry Plants – LATE SEASON