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Red Delicious Apple


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Fruity aroma, sweet, reliable; a classic heirloom apple from Iowa in 1892.  Not impressive from the grocery store, and not as popular as it used to be, but when homegrown and tree-ripened it is actually quite crisp, juicy and tasty.  Makes excellent apple butter, but not a pie apple.  We include it for two reasons: we have seen it produce exceptionally large, delicious and good quality fruits even on neglected trees here in Central KY, attesting to it’s resilience and disease-resistance, and, people still want it and ask for it.  A solid home-orchard and commercial choice and time-tested variety.  Don’t knock it till you’ve homegrown it.

Ripening: Late Season.

Uses:  Fresh eating, apple butter.

Resistant to: Highly resistant to Cedar Apple Rust.  Some resistance to Mildew and Fireblight,

Pollination: (Flowering Group 4) Pollinated by: Golden Delicious, Fuji, Pink Lady, Enterprise, Goldrush, Granny Smith, Grimes Golden, Honey Crisp, King David, Pristine, Redfree, Wolf River, Freedom, Winter Banana

Rootstock:  M111 Semi-Dwarf

Plant Size: 1-year old, typically unbranched, 4-5 ft tall, Bare-Root Tree

Zones 5-7


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