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Pink Lady Apple


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Amazing flavor!  Crisp, sweet and deliciously aromatic with a rose-like fragrance, “Pink Lady TM” will grow in the South! Very crisp and lightly rose-scented, tangy-sweet making it a top-choice fresh eating apple and also good for other purposes. A unique and interesting variety that is much superior to most other modern apple releases. Very late apple. Not recommended north of zone 6A or in short-season areas because it ripens so late. A low-chill variety. One of our favorites for it’s incredible flavor and crispness.  Does great in Kentucky and is commercially grown here on a small scale.  Also called Cripp’s Pink.

Uses: Fresh eating.

Ripens: Very late season (Mid-Late October in KY)

Pollination: Flowering Group 3. Pollinated by: Fuji, Red Delicious, Yellow Transparent, Enterprise, Fuji. Honeycrisp, King David, William’s Pride, Wolf River.

Plant Size: CHOOSE BELOW. One-Year old, typically unbranched, bare root tree

Rootstock: M111 Semi-Dwarf

Zones 6-9 (estimated) Needs to be grown where seasons are long enough that it can ripen properly. 

Additional information

Rootstock and Size

SEMI-DWARF M111 (3-4ft) Bare-Root, DWARF M7 (4-5ft) Bare-root


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