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Junnaluska Apple


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Epic Cider. This Cherokee heirloom is delicious and would make epic cider. Rediscovered in Macon County, North Carolina in 2001. Legend goes a Cherokee Chief refused to sell his parcel of land on which his favorite apple tree grew, (the original “Junnaluska” mother tree,) until offered a huge amount (at the time) for the land by the US Government ($50.00).  A unique, large, greenish, orange-flecked, russeted, oblate fruit. Fine grained sub-acid fruit with very good eating quality and very good when used for cider production.

Recommended for ORGANIC GROWING

Uses: Fresh Eating, drying, excellent cider apple.

Pollination:  Unknown.

Rootstock: M111 Semi-Dwarf Rootstock

Plant Size: 1-Year, typically unbranched whip. CHOOSE SIZE BELOW

Zones 5-8 (estimate)


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