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Honeycrisp Apple


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Exceptionally crisp and juicy, Honeycrisp is a customer favorite and gets high ratings. Honeycrisp has become a favorite for those that like explosively crisp, mild-flavored, sweeter apples. Grown commercially all over, including in Kentucky where it actually performs well.  Midseason blooms can avoid spring frosts. Honeycrisp has become extremely popular and should perform well for the market grower and backyard orchardist alike. Makes a good cooking apple that stays crisp. Has decent disease resistance to apple scab and fireblight, adding to it’s positive traits. From the University of Minnesota, 1991.  Not recommended for organic or beginner backyard growing unless you live out west.

Ripening: Mid-Late season ripening around mid-September.

Uses: Fresh eating, cooking. 

Resistant to: Some resistance to apple scab and fireblight. Very cold hardy.

Pollination: Flowering Group 4. Pollinated by: Cripps (Pink Lady), Fuji, Goldrush, Granny Smith, Grimes Golden, Honey Crisp, Jonathan, King David, Priscilla, Pristine, Red Delicious, Redfree, Suncrisp, Winecrisp, Wolf River, Winter Banana.

Rootstock: M111 Semi-Dwarf and M7 Dwarf – Choose below. 

Plant Size: 1 YR, Typically unbranched, bare-root tree.

Zones 3-8 


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