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Granny Smith Apple


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America’s favorite cooking and tart eating apple!  Juicy, tart-sour sharp flavor appeals to many people and children alike. Also is a good cooking apple for pies and other desserts. Heavy producing, precocious variety tends towards biennial bearing. Mid-season blooms can avoid spring frosts. Good keeper in storage. Originally an heirloom from Australia from-you guessed it- Grandma Smith’s favorite chance seedling apple tree she grew in her backyard: now grown all the world over.  

Uses: Fresh eating, salads, cooking, cider.  

Resistant to: Cedar Apple Rust.  

Ripening: Late to very late season.  

Bloom: Mid season.  

Pollination:  (Flowering Group 3). Pollinated by: Fuji, Red Delicious, Yellow Transparent, Enterprise, Fuji, Honeycrisp, King David, William’s Pride, Wolf River.   

PLANT SIZE: 1- Year Old, 4-5 ft tall, typically un-branched, bare-root tree. SEMI-DWARF M111 ROOTSTOCK  

Zones 5-8


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