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Enterprise Apple




Want to grow organic apples? Check out Enterprise. Developed for quality, reliability, hardiness as well as exceptional disease resistance, by three different US Agricultural stations in 1993. Enterprise is a dependable, hardy and high-quality apple. Late bloom avoids spring frosts and strong resistance to common apple diseases make it suitable for market growing as well as organic growing. Enterprise apples are glossy and red, with crisp, firm creamy-colored flesh that mellows to an enjoyable sharp-sweet, complex flavor. For those that like a more intensely flavored apple, Enterprise will deliver.

Enterprise is one of those lesser known apple varieties that could easily be overlooked because most of you have not heard of it. But, if you are wanting to grow organically, disease-resistant and high quality varieties like Enterprise are usually going to do much better for you than more common ones like Jonathan, Macintosh, Delicious, etc. Enterprise was painstakingly developed to be not only exceptionally disease-resistant and resilient but also to produce a very exceptionally flavorful and good desert apple.

All of our apple trees are FIELD-GROWN for high-quality and have excellent, robust, natural root systems.

Recommended for Organic Growing.

Uses: Excellent fresh eating and processing apple. Good keeper.

Resistant to: Exceptional Disease resistance. Very resistant to Apple Scab, very resistant to Cedar Apple Rust, very resistant to fireblight and somewhat resistant to powdery mildew.

Pollination: Flowering Group 4. Pollinated by: Cripps (Pink Lady), Fuji, Goldrush, Granny Smith, Grimes Golden, Honey Crisp, Jonathan, King David, Priscilla, Pristine, Red Delicious, Redfree, Suncrisp, Winecrisp, Wolf River, Winter Banana.

Plant Size: One-Year old, typically unbranched, bare root tree. CHOOSE BELOW

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Zones 4-7

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Rootstock and Size

Semi-Dwarf BUD 118 (4-5ft) Bare-Root, DWARF M7 (4-5ft) Bare-Root